August 5, 2011

50/50 Arts Collective
2516 Douglas St.
Victoria, BC

Kuh Del Rosario, is in the truest sense, a ‘sandwich artist’ although she doesn’t work at Subway. Her art looks like edible lil’ cakes and delicious hunks of candy. It is a difficult task to view Kuh’s art on an empty stomach. Even watching her prepare paints and plaster for her works it is difficult not to see a lil’ chef making a lil cute thingy to eat.When I asked Kuh about how food oriented her work looked, she replied, “It is all based upon the poorest people in the Philippines and how they appropriate garbage into housing and how there is a deep beauty to it. It is about de-construction and construction, and about how we view objects in the world.” Oops. By Justin Gradin