October 29 – November 10, 2010

Little Mountain Gallery
195 East 26th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5V 2G8

Slap,Stacked Poems of Foam is part of an ongoing investigative process of observation and reaction to the material world; a theme that has heavily influenced my work over the years. I am interested in forms that refer back to the moments of it own construction, like a crosscut of a multi layered cake or a wall mapped with peeling paint. I enjoy surfaces that reveal, rather than hide what is underneath; it is from these kinds of surfaces that help close the gap between the experience of the viewer and that of the maker. With this particular project, my aim is to slow down the act of looking and to encourage pondering the many possibilities of materials that may otherwise have been typecast into specific roles in our daily lives.

paint skins on top of oozing bright latex rolled, painted, squirted slick and shiny, dark pink, light pink, hot pink form beds of flat color layered on juicy oranges, blues and slimy greens, porous slabs of pink crunchy foam, bubbling yellow seeping through cracks dripping wet down the sliced up, roughed up; dry chalky sidecuts of layered polystyrene. plastic sponges wedged, in betweens with gaps in the middle of spackled on, splayed on, crosscut block chopped up, on top of smooth cement.