sticky bara
5 x 1 x 7″ 
paper, paint, plastics, foam, wood

with all of these things that take time to build, / i leave it to the bees. / dripping sticky down golden combs. / “here you go” i’ll say. / i have no more use for such things i thought i did. By Ryan Romero

Bara is a small island in the Outer Hebrides, in which a little boy from Glasgow curiously claim as his hometown in a past life. To the heartbreak of his current mother, the little boy was adamant of this prior existence to be the one that plagues his mind with longing. 

I reference this unusual story, because it stirs questions regarding memory, notions of what is true as well as speculate on the purpose of life itself. Sticky Bara calls on the persistent nature of the imagination, going beyond what can be seen or heard, and into the realm of created worlds that is often times more real and present than the one in which we live. Here you go, this is a piece of artifact from which I live.