My work is about where I came from, where I am now and where I want to be. I think about the malleability of memory and its role in fantasy and reality. I think about what it means to be here at this time; all the unseen things that connect me to nature, and all the things I can see that does not. What I have chosen as truth over memories, are materials and objects that stay constant as memories change and fade.

Even materials that have been transformed and weathered by time, reveals more than the secrets they are capable of keeping. The materials I use are selected for texture, color and pliability; some carry significant meaning while others have lost its value. Through the process, they are all leveled out to form new objects that sit in the middle of understanding.

Where I came from – Philippines have always haunted my memories. It is a country full of contradictions and every thing seems to be fighting to live and destroy. It is hot, sticky and teaming with all sorts of life both beautiful and grotesque. The cycle of life in both inanimate and living things is fast and enduring.

Where I am – My ideas are in constant shift like a young earth giving in to change. Questions drive my process, with humble understanding that there is no true answer.

Where I want to be – My dreams are vivid and often they are lucid. Almost always set in an apocalyptic world where life is reduced to survival and raw emotions, my dreams reveal much of what I fear and perhaps what I am unwilling to confront during waking life. My dreams are life’s outtakes, windows to unrealized possibilities and endless scenarios. In my dreams, I love, hate, die and reborn again and again.


Kuh Del Rosario is a Vancouver based artist, originally from Calgary, AB, (b.1980 Manila, Philippines). She graduated with a BFA in Painting at the College of Art and Design in 2003.